Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Newark to Munich!

We are here!

And by "here" I mean Munich, and by "we" I mean my good friend SJ Tanzer & myself!

After a successful flight and an easy train ride we have arrived at our friendly and clean (yes! clean!) hostel without any hassle. We lucked out on the flight, having an entire row to ourselves, and we spread out over 2-3 seats respectively to snooze with as much room as those in first class. I got about 4-5 hours of sleep but my body is a little confused. It kind of feels like how I did in the fifth grade the day after a slumber party. I'm in a bit of a happy daze!

Friends have already been made. Two very cute german boys, Harry & Reuben, flirted with us the entire flight. Harry was 13 months old and Reuben was almost 3. They giggled with us the whole trip and we nearly died when we heard one of them squeal, "Bitte!"

We also befriended two boys on the train platform for the S-bahn. They asked us if we were American and then said they were students from, get this, Pittsburgh. They were around our age and went to Duquense and Pitt University (two schools right down the road from Carnegie Mellon). Of course the first people we would meet in Munich would be from da 'burgh. (The first things we saw outside of the airport were a Starbucks and a Mc'Donalds.)

The trip only started to feel real as I watched the little animated plane on the screen infront of my airplane seat slowly move across a map. As it passed by cities like London, Paris, Barcelona, and Milan, I started to get truly excited. Being the emotional person I am, I nearly teared up as we were landing. (I was squeezing SJ pretty hard too.)

Right now we are seated in the hostel's free WIFI room and we are about to explore the city! I can't believe I'm here :-)

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