Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Beginning!

You know that obnoxious little kid who is all too eager to sing at the top of their lungs and tell you that someday they're going to be a famous singer?

...yea, that was me.

I've been telling people since I was three years old I was destined for the stage. Nowadays, I don't try and win other's affections by belting songs from Annie (THE SUN WILL COME OUT) or worse, Cats (ALL ALONE IN THE MOONLIGHT) in people's faces. 17 years later and I still can't be quiet but this time, it's a little more exciting.

In just four weeks I will be attending the Tyrolean Opera Program in Austria!

This isn't shocking news to my friends and family because I think I have discussed in exhausting detail how thrilled I am.

The program is around three weeks and I'm staying an extra week to travel around with my friend SJ, who is also attending TOP (Me & SJ pictured to the right). There's dance classes, acting classes, German language classes (mein german ist um, not sehr gut) operatic staging classes, voice lessons, vocal coachings, master classes and so much more! There's 20 singers in total and famous teachers and coaches from the Berlin Opera!

I really will do my best to not put too many exclamation marks (!!!) in this blog, but it will be difficult.

It's my dream to be an opera singer. I have a perturbing amount of things to learn before my dream comes true, but I love it and I work hard. I just finished my sophomore year at Carnegie Mellon University as a vocal performance major. It was a difficult year for everyone in my program and I was no exception to going through hard times. Yet, it only further convinced me that no matter what sad events may befall on your shoulders, music and singing will always be there to inspire and encourage.

Hopefully someday I'll be singing in opera houses in Germany! And have a beautiful home. Also, a dog. Oh and a rich handsome husband.

Girl can dream right?


  1. Soooooo excited for you!!! I'm waiting for that day I go to the opera in Europe to see you sing some amazing piece. And we all gotta find that ring!

  2. YAY!!! I am officially the first voice major follower!!!

    (probably just due to my ridiculous boredom here at the office ;-P)

    I miss you!!!!!! I hope you and SJ have the time of your lives!!!!